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Check out the amazing video for the single "Reflections".
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Check out the amazing video for the single "Reflections".

The History Of City Alley

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City Alley is composed of Joe DiGiglio, Matt Cusack, Chris Insignares, and Jake Atherton. Growing up in East Northport New York, Joe, Matt and Chris have been long time friends. They have played together throughout the years and have always had a passion for music. The music of City Alley began with Joe and Matt in early school days, since that time collaborating on a substantial collection of original songs.

Matt comes from a long musical background starting at the age of 7.  Matt recalls his early memories of The Beatles and Ringo Starr which inspired his early passion to become a drummer. All throughout his schooling, Matt was musically involved in whatever he could be a part of. Concert band, orchestra, jazz band, school plays, music theory programs, electronic music composition/engineering and marching bands have all been part of his musical development. Matt plays several instruments including guitar, drums, and keyboard. Somehow, during this time he still found time to be a part of several bands with his friends.

One of those friends, in one of those bands was Joe DiGiglio, primarily a vocalist with a unique and powerful voice. Joe brought enormous energy and passion to his craft and an unusual ability to stylistically transform most everything he did. Joe came from a different musical background; he was self-taught. He played guitar and sang. Joe recalls his early musical influences which included Sully Erna (Godsmack) and Metallica, among other rockers. Together Matt and Joe have created a distinct sound defined particularly by their unique harmonies, which sound continues their musical journey today.

Chris is the third member of City Alley to join the band. But Chris and Matt have a history of playing together in an earlier music group. Their music was blues/jazz influenced, together with classic rock. Chris, a natural bassist, has expanded his abilities to play guitar, harmonica and even drums early in his music career. Chris has abilities and interest in many different genres and applies his unique musical talents in distinct ways to the band, offering a fusion of sounds in any genre or form.

More recently, the band recruited Jake Atherton as their lead guitarist. A Northport, NY resident, professional musician, music composer, and audio engineer, Jake brings with him an unparalleled blend of passion, technicality, soul and excitement in his guitar playing. With performances in Long Island, New York City, and Westchester County for nearly a decade, Jake effortlessly integrated with the other members of City Alley on and off the stage.

Learning and playing with each other over the past several years City Alley remains true to their roots and writes their music about their experiences and realities in life. With passion and dedication, City Alley brings emotionally driven harmonies mixed with many styles of music to offer the listener a real point of view. Their abilities and musical backgrounds mend the sound they have today.